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Cholayil was founded a little over four decades ago, with a global vision that is firmly rooted in Indian values - 'to touch lives with a range of quality products that enhance the quality of life'.

This vision has today unfolded through business interests in toiletries, personal care and healthcare products.

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Ayurvedic Health Products

The Cholayil logo originates from the lotus - the quintessential Buddhist 'padma' in full bloom, rising from the primeval waters of creation. It also symbolizes purity, the attainment of wholeness, and identifies itself with the womb - the epitome of creation.

Cholayil creates products of the purest form, binding native elements into the most contemporary forms, to deliver products that are essentially pure, naturally inclusive, traditionally rich and ideal for the times.

Ayurvedic Bath Soap

Medimix was launched in 1969, with 18 powerful Ayurvedic herbal ingredients to help users fight and cure skin disorders and maintain healthy, glowing skin at an affordable price.

Ayurvedic Medimix Soap
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