Ayurveda & You

Ayurveda and Cholayil

Ayurveda, a science of divinity, became the blessed legacy to the 'Cholayil' centuries ago. The Cholayil tradition came into inception in the 18th century but it was only after the mantle was passed on to Dr. V.P. Sidhan that Cholayil gradually turned in to a household name in Kerala. Under the guidance of Sri V P Sidhan, the flagship brand, MEDIMIX emerged.

Medimix, crafted in 1969, is one of the world's largest selling Ayurvedic brand today. Its Ayurvedic formulations have kept the Cholayil product line engaging for the last 40 years and its humble beginnings from a small backyard today has emerged as one of the strongest brand names amongst consumers, votes as the most Trusted Ayurvedic soap.

Ayurveda: A practice for the 21st has Century

Good health is a result of living in harmony with nature; keeping the balance between the world within and the world outside. Most things we possess or practice now have their roots well before the times of our ancestors. The Atharva Veda refers to the skin as Matruj Ayyava, meaning, the skin is 'of maternal origin'. We, at Cholayil, take this very seriously. Inspired by a science derived from the gifts of nature, the Cholayil Group has expanded its vistas across Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and the like. Today, despite advancements in Science and Modern Medicine, many people are still inclined to take a more natural approach to healthcare.

Through a deep understanding of the needs of your skin, we bring to you a range of products that pack some of nature's and, indeed an age-old civilization's best kept secrets that will help you stay pure, protected and refreshed. The healthy glow on customers speaks volumes of the dedication, research and innovation that go into crafting the Cholayil product portfolio.