The Cholayil Logo

The 'Dhanvantri Flower' is a symbolic representation of Lord Dhanvantri, the four-handed avatar of lord Vishnu. Vedic tradition regards him as the 'source' as well as the 'God of Ayurveda'. The colors green and blue represent earth and water respectively, while the red dot symbolizes the sun. Red, a significant colour in the Indian tradition, stands for life, positive attitude and energy.

Together, they illustrate the elements that come together in the healing methods of Ayurveda. The four petals of the Dhanvantari flower stand for the culture of openness and team spirit that Cholayil firmly believes in. In all, this vibrant logo truly embodies the soul of Cholayil.

About Us

This is the basis of our Company - Cholayil; A Company that is rooted in tradition, but modern in its thought and approach.

A Company that turned to nature for a business idea and soon turned it into a household name. Our special range of Ayurvedic products are familiar to households across India. They have been around in your grandmothers flawless complexion or your daughters lilting aroma. In your mothers lovely tresses or your grand-daughter's beautiful smile.

Real Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine and natural healing. In today's world, it falls under the classification of 'alternative healing'. The Cholayils have been closely associated with the study and importance of Ayurveda and have developed various products that have the potency to heal, the natural way. This legacy, rich with nature's secrets, has been carefully handed down through the generations, preserving the basic ethos of the time-tested study.