Book Source : “Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar” ( Malayalam_Origin of the Cholayil lineage)

Author : Dr.Sudhakaran Cholayil
Code: 9774 ; M 926.1 KUM; 32 M1
Publisher: Cholayil Kunhimamy Smaraka, Trichur
Printed at: Bharat Printers( Aluva)
Year of Publication: 1979
Section I.V. Appu Vaidyar,Njarackkal
M.V.Subrahmania Vaidyar, Parravur
Kuzhikandathil Abdul Rahman, Varappuzha
K.N.Vaidyar, Karuvannoor
Parravur Mamman Vaidyar
P.K.Madhava Sastrikal, Kodimatha, Kottayam
V.R.Soman, Kazhimbram

Memorable Miracle Cures by “Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar”

Similar to Dhanwantri, “Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar” was a wonder in the field of treatment. He handled all the eight divisions of treatment, viz. daivam, siddham, manusham, paishacham, rakshasam, prakruthom, bhouthikom and manasam (god, siddham, human endeavours, devilish, demoniac, uncivilized, materialistic, and mental) with aplomb. It is a fact that the great physician did not perform treatment for getting fame or positions in life. We can see a sort of divinity, of something extraordinary in his treatment. Really, they were all miracle cures. Hundreds of such miracles he has performed in the field of cure and treatment.

The following incidents reveals the authenticity of “Ayurvedic cure and treatments” done by “Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar” - “A Great physician with Scientific Knowledge”

Once two, three people brought a rabies – affected (male)patient to Kunju Maami Vaidyar . The patient was behaving like a mad dog, scratching on the ground, barking, jumping, fixes hands and legs on the ground and looking hither and thither, and made other gestures. It created fear in the minds of the onlookers. The physician approached the patient and after understanding everything, put him in a room. At that time, the patient fixed his hands and legs on the ground. After observing all the symptoms, Vaidyar turned to the people who accompanied the patient and gathered some more information. In those days, Vaidyar kept several animals in his house as part of treatment. There was a cobra also. On Vaidyar instruction, a servant brought the snake, and released it in the patient’s room. The uncaged snake soon bit the patient. Vaidyar observed the changes of mood in the patient when the snake bit him and caused injury. Soon, he asked the servant to cage the snake. The patient who had been standing like a dog soon fell down. At once, other treatments were carried out. After three days of treatment, the patient was completely cured and he returned home. Seeing this miracle cure in front of their eyes, some of the disciples asked Guru for the details. At that time, he said: “The patient had reached a stage where he could not be treated with other medicines. So, as a last resort, I attempted such a treatment. That was the only way he could be saved.” And he continued: “The rabies poison had entered his entire circulation system. When the cobra’s strong poison entered his body, the mad dog’s germs were destroyed. That’s how he was saved.”
Only through constant practice, one gets good result. It is not possible to know from science whether a precious stone is good or bad. Kunju Maami Vaidyar who possessed extraordinary expertise in traditional medicine had also mastered poison-cure. That is, he had developed a keen sense of observation. He had written about it in his prescription-note on poison-cure. The lines mean that the merits and disadvantages of weapons, scientific knowledge, and water are dependent on those who handle them. This principle is applicable to medical science and all other sciences. If the physician follows this principle of science properly, then it will yield result.

Yet another incident. It was almost six in the evening . The sun was going to set. Darkness had just started to spread. At that time, some three to four persons were carrying a patient and coming to meet Vaidyar. The hapless person’s one eye was protruding out. Blood was oozing out. He was writhing in pain. Vaidyar found out from the people the cause. While thatching his house, a person standing below threw a palm leaf and its pointed stem hit his eye accidentally. As a result of which the apple of his eye came out. After giving him preliminary treatment, Vaidyar administered Dhanwantri thailam 101 times by pouring it into his eye, and fixed his eye-ball in its place. Then, on a piece of cloth he applied the thailam (oil) and tied it over his eye, and gave necessary instructions. He asked the man to come for review after a week. He came after a week, and Vaidyar himself removed the band from his eye and examined his eye. The eye-ball had been restored, and he did not have any sight problems. He thanked Kunju Maami Vaidyar and returned home fully satisfied. Needless to say that this was yet another incident that proved the strength and benefit of Ayurvedic treatment.

In yet another incident a patient was suffering from severe colic (tormina) approached Vaidyar for treatment . He had been suffering from stomach ache for many years. He had consulted many doctors and physicians. But he did not get any relief. Vaidyar, first, collected all the details from the patient. Then, he administered Kashaya Vasthi. After a while, from his stomach exited stones, sand, bones, fish-bones, hairy germs. This incident further proved Vaidyar’s expertise in diagnosis and to recommend the right treatment. It was really a miracle.

Upto the mid-20th century there were intermittent cases of small-pox in our native place. Many people had lost their lives following the disease. Those who escaped its onslaught became physically challenged in life. Once, i.e., in the last part of the 19th century, one Velan, a native of Kazhimbram was affected by small-pox, following which he almost lost his eye-sight. Along with his father, the patient had come to meet Kunju Maami Vaidyar’s father Raman Vaidyar. Kunju Maami Vaidyar was also present there. The renowned Raman Vaidyar asked his son to rectify Velan’s eye disorder. The son examined Velan thoroughly and said that there would be no use with treatment. The father got serious hearing it. He remarked: “That won’t do. With your effort you should try to save the poor patient”. Obeying his father’s command, he took the patient to the pharmacy at Edamuttom. The patient was admitted there and treated for six months with care. Towards the last stage of the treatment, the patient regained eye-sight. Vaidyar did an experiment to find out whether the patient had really regained eye-sight. Pointing to a bunch of gooseberries, Vaidyar asked the patient to count and tell the number of gooseberries in the bunch. The patient said the exact number. He was much satisfied on getting back his eye-sight. He would later always express his gratitude by saying how Vaidyar saved his life.

On another occasion, Vaidyar was escorted to the house of a Muslim family at Kurikuzhi. A woman was having labour-pain. The midwife of the area had come. She tried her level best. The woman, on her part, was struggling for breath. Though a Velan Vaidyar was brought from the neighborhood, he could not do anything effectively. The members of her family were panic-stricken. Some people advised them to approach Kunju Maami Vaidyar. Her relatives went to fetch him. When he was informed about her condition, he asked if it was necessary for him to visit the place. They begged him to go there and cure the patient. Accepting the request, Vaidyar left for the woman’s house.Before seeing the patient, he asked the woman’s relatives to get him a strong coconut-leaf blade. He pared the bottom part of the coconut –leaf blade and sharpened it, and the end-point he shaped into a ring and wore it on his forefinger. Not seeing the Vaidyar, the woman’s relatives were worried. Why is he late? Some wondered. All eyes were fixed on the eastern side of the house. At that time someone called out “Vaidyar is coming”. People made way for Vaidyar to enter the house. Vaidyar examined the patient. Her undergarment was lowered to her waist. The Vaidyar took the coconut-leaf blade, and hit her on the stomach with its pointed end at a particular spot. The blade pierced her and went inside, and she gave birth. Wonderstruck, the people wished to know how he did it. “Nothing miraculous. Sometimes, the child may be clinging firmly to the navel. Here, the child did not let go of it even at the time of giving birth. That is why it took time for pregnancy. The pointed part of the blade pierced and hit the child’s finger. And, it let go the hold; and the birth took place. That’s all.” Then, the giving necessary instructions and prescribing medicines, Vaidyar returned.

Kunju Maami Vaidyar was an accomplished physician. He would treat a patient only after ascertaining the symptoms. He would observe it carefully. Ayurveda science says that if rishta symptoms are noticed, treatment should not be carried out.

It means the physician from the beginning gets to know the prime cause of the illness and depending on the possibilities determines the treatment. If the illness is curable, it should be treated. But if it is not curable, it should be avoided. But Vaidyar even after observing rishta symptoms, never let go of the patient. I have stated this elsewhere. Based on his keen sense of observation, he could find out the illness and suggest treatment that would save them. I shall give two such instances.

Once, Kunju Maami Vaidyar was taken to Njarakkal to treat two wealthy patients . One was a Kunju Cheriyan suffering from tuberculosis. He was treated by Moosad of Ashtavaidyar. Similarly, Kunju Maami Vaidyar was taken to treat a wealthy patient, Kunju Varkey, suffering from enlargement of the abdomen. Vaidyar took note of the patient’s past history. He found rishta symptoms in the patient. A keen observer, Vaidyar did not prescribe any treatment. He asked the patient’s relatives to inform him the condition of the patient after a month.

The tuberculosis patient’s people came and took Vaidyar to his home. Vaidyar examined the patient. He found out the treatment suggested by Moosad. He also understood that Moosad had arranged for pizhichil. Though he agreed with Moosad’s treatment, he differed with administering pizhichil for the time-being. The person who invited Vaidyar was secretly informed that the abdomen-enlargement patient would not live for more than one month and the TB patient, if pizhichil is not administered, will live for a year. If pizhichil is done, he will live for six months only. The TB patient’s relatives went in for pizhichil. Within a few days, he began to bloat. The relatives were happy and they praised Moosad’s treatment. But, surprisingly, he died before six months. From this incident, we understand that not only doshakopam, nidhanam (prime cause) but the cause of death could also be clearly ascertained by Kunju Maami Vaidyar, the divine and dutiful ascetic.

A youth hailing from Parravur was having severe stomach ache, besides hunger. He eats whatever he sees. Always, he wants to eat something . Although his parents consulted many physicians, there was no relief. At last, they decided to meet Kunju Maami Vaidyar. He examined the patient. Vaidyar instructed the patient’s relatives to prepare a sumptuous meal. They did it likewise and brought it in a shallow vessel made of bell-metal. Vaidyar then instructed that the patient be hanged upside down and the food placed before him. The relatives did it. Though hapless, the patient on seeing the food, his greed increased. He began to beat his hands and legs. Saliva flowed from his mouth. With it, a dark black ‘object’ fell from his mouth. Seeing it, Vaidyar instructed the relatives to lower him. Thus, he was cured.

On another occasion, a middle aged person was suffering from severe headache. Though his relatives took him to many physicians, it was of no use. Then, they visited Kunju Maami Vaidyar, and told him everything. The patient had been working at an oil-press unit. While extracting oil, he would apply the oil on his head. He would bathe in the evening. After some time, he quit the job. After gathering information from the patient, Vaidyar instructed his relatives to prepare medicated oil and apply it on his head. But he had his bath only in the evening. After a while, he quit his job. Vaidyar gathered all the information from the patient and advised him to apply medicated oil on his head. The patient, however, did not like the treatment. He thought Vaidyar was making fun of him. So, he left the place. After several days the patient again approached Vaidyar and informed him of his headache recurring. At that time Kunju Maami Vaidyar asked him whether he had followed all the instructions. Sadly, he replied that he did not for he thought that Vaidyar was ridiculing him then. Vaidyar told him that he was not ridiculing and explained to him the complete details of the treatment. On Vaidyar’s advice, the patient applied black gram on his head. He poured oil on it and stood in the sun for some time. In no time, he was relieved of his headache.

Once, a woman from Parravur was not able to fold her hand . She met several physicians. But her hand always remained stiff. At last, her relatives decided to approach Kunju Maami Vaidyar. Vaidyar examined the woman thoroughly and collected all information. After that he instructed her to be dressed up in a one-piece dhoti. Then he took her to a room and tied her normal hand. All on a sudden, Vaidyar tried to remove her dhoti. Immediately, she tried to hide her private parts with the stiff hand. Thus, the stiff hand was back to its normal state. Some people have been saying ever since then that she had a vidhrathi in her armpit, and it did not break; that was the reason for the stiffness.

By mere words, Kunju Maami Vaidyar had provided relief to many patients. It is mentioned in Malathithantram that only people with divinity possess such an ability. Such treatment is referred to as ‘divine cure’ or ‘god-cure’. Next, I shall narrate one such miracle cure performed by the yogic Kunju Maami Vaidyar.

Kunju Nair, a feudal manager of Nambiar Veedu once had a problem: he was always thirsty . He stayed near Irinjalakuda. There was no limit to drinking water. When the illness aggravated he consulted Ollur Moosad, but of little use. Then he came to Edamuttom to meet Kunju Maami Vaidyar. When he came to the ashram, there were many patients there. When his body began thinning, he went to meet Vaidyar. Vaidyar had heard of the man. After getting introduced, they began conversing on different issues, and it went on endlessly. The patient being uncomfortable at not being asked the reason for his visit, told Vaidyar of the purpose of his visit. At that time Vaidyar asked him, “To drink water is it not a feeling?” He replied in the affirmative. To which Vaidyar’s reply was. “Then, don’t drink water hereafter.” “I will do accordingly.” The patient replied and left the place. For the next nine years, he did not have the problem.

On hearing a person’s voice, Kunju Maami Vaidyar could tell the life-time of a person . Once early in the morning he was travelling in a palanquin along the beach. He was on his way to meet a patient. At that time he happened to see fishermen venturing out into the sea. They were calling out to the others to get into the boat. A young fisherman was also shouting at his friends, at a different pitch. Vaidyar noticed the peculiarity of his voice. He asked the palanquin-bearers to halt. He instructed one of the palanquin-bearers to tell the fisherman not to venture out into the sea, and to meet Vaidyar. For, he will die prematurely then. So, death on the sea could be avoided. He instructed the palanquin- bearers not to inform the fisherman about it. The palanquin-bearer told the fisherman that Vaidyar was calling. He was extremely happy. He thought that Vaidyar wanted him to be one of the bearers. Because, by doing so, he would be getting more than what he would normally get going out into the sea the whole day. When he came to Vaidyar, the latter said. “Today you should not go out into the sea and capture fish.” And Vaidyar left. On that day itself, the young fisherman died.

On another occasion, a chronic diarrhoea patient was brought to Vaidyar. After examining the patient, he instructed his disciple to grind a globule mode of neervolam and to give it to the patient. The disciple was panic-stricken. Because neervolam globule is given to loosen the bowel movements. Thinking over, he got confused. Yet he decided to do it for it is the orders of his guru. But he decided to give the patient half a globule instead of one. Seeing this, Vaidyar became serious: “I had asked you to give one globule. Do it. Also, some cotton.” The disciple did likewise. After some time, the patient had strong loose motion. What went out included the cotton and a fish-bone. It was the fish-bone that had given him the stomach-ache and loose motion. Perhaps, today, doctors of modern medicine can detect such things with an X-ray. But Vaidyar could identify the most complex case easily. This is what the incident proves. Those with yogic powers can detect what lies inside. Probably the yogic that he was, Kunju Maami Vaidyar might have used his yoga power to determine diseases.

Parravur M.V.Subrahmania Vaidyar had written about the memorable Vaidyar’s miracle cures under the heading ‘Cholayil Shri.Maami Vaidyar” in the September 1978 issue of “Ayurveda Ratnam”. I reproduce below an important part of the article.

Once, a patient in a Brahmin’s house was undergoing treatment under famous doctors for an ailment. But there was hardly any relief. On the direction of one of the tenants, Vaidyar was brought there in a boat and palanquin. Those were the days of untouchability. They did not even have the right to enter the courtyard. Just because he was a physician, he was allowed, that too being an Ezhava. Now, there arose a problem. How to treat the patient? At last, Vaidyar said: “Tie a thread to the patient’s forearm and descend it outside through the window. By feeling it, he could know the pulse and determine the illness. They did it. Holding the thread for some time, Vaidyar said, the patient is dead. The relatives who were standing near Vaidyar began to cry. Meanwhile, those inside the house were laughing. Not knowing what was happening, the panic-stricken Mootha Namboothiri entered the room. The patient was conversing with others. What they had done was: they tied the thread to the cot; they were trying to test Vaidyar. The head of the family stooping with a guilty-feeling, with all respect took Vaidyar inside the home. Vaidyar examined the patient. Then, he directed Kunhi Raman Vaidyar, his main disciple to give the patient vermillion and some other medicines. Within an hour, the patient got relief. I think this happened before ME 1080.

The next two incidents mentioned below bring out Vaidyar’s extraordinary ability in determining diseases/illnesses and his expertise in treatment. Though not so miraculous, they testify to his inimitable expertise as a physician. This is how Shri.Subrahmanian Vaidyar has described them.

Once Kunju Maami Vaidyar went to treat a typhoid-affected patient at a place called Kayikkara. Some of his disciples accompanied him. Vaidyar examined the patient. Then, he glanced through the prescription-note and decided that the treatment be continued as such. He only added medicines like Thankabhasmam, Gorachanadi gulika and Kasturi Vaibhovam. In a Kashayam Kandashudhi Gulika powdered and mixed given to the patient. And, he changed the other medicines. After an hour, the patient got a lot of relief. Vaidyar understood that Kayikkara Govindan Vaidyar had treated the patient. While the treatment was going on Govindan Vaidyar came there. However, they did not know each other. But they always respected each other . if Kunju Maami Vaidyar was known as ‘modern Susruthan’, Kayikkara Govindan Vaidyar was known for his interpretation, Arunodayam, of Ashtangahrudayam. He had come to be referred to as the ‘modern Vagbhattan’. The two of them got introduced and spent several hours conversing.

Yet another interesting treatment. Kunju Maami Vaidyar was the family physician of Kodungalloor Kovilakom Kochunni Thampuran. A scholar in traditional medicine, astrology and architecture, Thampuran had faith only in Vaidyar’s treatment. Once Thampuran lost interest in food. Vaidyar was summoned. At that time he was in south Travancore. No way out, the personal doctor of Chendamangalam Palliathachan, Dr.Krishna Menon was brought in. He treated Thampuran for a week, but in vain. Coming home Kunju Maami Vaidyar came to know of Thampuran’s illness. Immediately he rushed to Kovilakom. He took his medicine box with him. He met Thampuran and collected all relevant information. After thinking for a while, he said, “It’s alright. The milk that was boiled in the morning, you had drunk in the evening. That’s the problem.” Hearing this Thampuran replied: “Those who treated me all these days, no one said so. Vaidyar, you are really an expert.” Vaidyar then gave him some medicines. Then, he asked Thampuran to rest for a while. Then turning to Thampuratty, he asked her to prepare broken-rice gruel. After an hour Thampuran woke up. Vaidyar asked him, “Are you feeling hungry? Shall I ask them to bring you some rice gruel?” “From where, at this time?” queried Thampuran. “If you want, shall bring”, Vaidyar replied, and Thampuratty entered the room with rice-gruel. Thampuran had some rice gruel. Then he took some medicines. When Vaidyar got up to leave, Thampuran said, “Maami, your medicines are unique; shall I see your medicine box. Let me see what other unique medicine is inside. I will be through with it when you go and bid farewell to Thampuratty.” While Vaidyar was speaking with Thampuratty, Thampuran opened the medicine box and placed at the bottom covered in a virali pattu 101 sovereigns. He later took three to four globules from the box. Thampuratty also gave Vaidyar a packet. The others were also given gifts. “I have taken 3-4 globules from your box.” Thampuran said. “Oh, nothing, like that” Vaidyar replied and bid farewell.On the way, Vaidyar did not think that Thampuran had not given him anything. That does not matter. After all, the others got something. After reaching home, he took the medicine box. He found it to be quite heavy. He wanted to know which medicines Thampuran had taken. So, he asked Kunhi Raman Vaidyar to open the box. Veerali pattu! Full of sovereigns! Counted it. 101 sovereigns. Vaidyar remembered the story of Kuchela.

A Christian lady at Enavu was having stomach ache for some time. Though treatments were done, no relief. At last, she went to Kunju Maami Vaidyar, and disclosed the details of her illness. Vaidyar examined her, and collected all vital information regarding her illness. He asked her to take a banana fixed on a fish-hook and to swallow it. When the hook was taken out, a big worm was seen fixed to it. From all this we understand that Vaidyar had a unique knack and skill to diagnose and determine treatment. He possessed a rare spirit of adventurism.

Kunju Maami Vaidyar had treated many illnesses considered impossible in Ayurveda. I shall now describe one such illness. According to Ayurveda science, Sirorogam is an impossible illness. K.C.Karunakaran was the manager of a European Coir Company at Kollam . His father was affected by the rheumatic disease, Sirorogam. The physicians who treated did not do much for they considered Sirorogam as an impossible disease. The patient desired that Kunju Maami Vaidyar be brought from Valappatt. The patient went and fetched him. He examined the patient thoroughly. He instructed 16 idangazhi Dhanwantaram thailam to be prepared. Kayikkara Govindan Vaidyar and other prominent physicians were present there. They were all doubtful about such a treatment. They whispered if it was right what he was attempting to do. For, Sirorogam had already been mentioned in the texts as an ‘impossible illness’. How to tell Vaidyar about it? In the end, P.N.Govinda Vaidyar raised the issue. He enquired if Vaidyar had really understood the illness. Vaidyar replied that by observing the symptoms he understood that it was Sirorogam, and that was what he was attempting to treat. And, he said that people with similar illnesses had been treated, and based on his experience, there was a chance. He instructed that the patient undergo 90 nazhika pizhichil. Then the patient was laid on a trough and pizhichil was done. After 30 nazhika, the patient got rejuvenated. Lying on the trough he ate food. After 90 nazhika, the patient was made to sit up. At that time the patient did not experience any shivering, or any other rheumatic complaints. Later, pizhichil was continued for another 14 days, two hours per day. The patient recovered. And, the patient lived healthily for 18 years. Once recovered, he underwent normal pizhichil. Later he would visit Valappatt and meet Kunju Maami Vaidyar and express gratitude. On another occasion a person with severe aural pain approached Kunju Maami Vaidyar . Though many doctors and physicians treated, it was of no use. The family was much distressed. At that time someone mentioned about Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar. So they approached Vaidyar. Medicated oil was placed on the patient’s head. To stop the pain, some medicines were given. He was given a packet of medicines, which should be mixed in horse’s urine and poured into the ear. The patient did it accordingly. And he was cured. There were egg-like bugs in the ear. They came out. The patient’s relatives were surprised. They gave Vaidyar many gifts.

Like this, Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar had treated many diseases. But details regarding all such miracle cures are not available. Because most of them had not been written down. Moreover, all those who either knew or have had the experience are all dead. Even today, the coming generations can only wonder at this great physician’s treatment. They talk of it gratefully.

One more incident of how he could understand rishta symptoms immediately. Once Vaidyar went to a landlord’s house at Kurikuzhi . While entering the house, he saw a boy herding some she-buffaloes. Looking at the boy’s shadow, he saw that it did not have a head. After treating the patient, he said that the herd-boy was facing imminent death. At that time, the family members said that he did not have any illness. Soon, a member of the family came running saying that a buffalo had killed the boy. The family members then realized what the great physician said was true. Similarly, observing death signs, Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar could predict correctly the life-time of a person. A man with such astonishing expertise, Vaidyar, the seer, scaled great heights in life.