"MEDIMIX SOAP | MOUTHSHUT REVIEW" Medimix Soap is Best for Skin Repair . The Medimix Soap is skin repairing product. This soap has so many good qualities that protects our skin from skin allerigies, scar, pimples and many more ! This has more than 25 years if trust by users.Which means this soap is genuine product. This soap has great fragance which will make you fresh all day long. The medimix soap is Ayurvedic product it has some many ingredients which nourishes  your skin and makes healthy skin. Mahendra (@Kirsh4444) - Karimnagar

I am writing my share on one of the medicinal herb product i.e.medimix with sandal and Eladi oil soap.A good herbal product with unique ayurvedic receipe is suitable for all the types of skin as it reduces blemishes, scar marks , acne marks along with your burn scar marks.It imparts in glowing skin within its usage of few months only.You will be able to see the positive effects of your skin.It is only and only made out of natural herbs only and no animal fat is mixed.We can make out the difference easily when we start using it.It has a natural fresh , invigorating fragrance.Even the fragrance of sandalwood can be felt.Made out of pure natural herbs really gives you a sweet smelling, sweet scented and pleasant aroma. manishachavan - Boisar, India

Hi friends, Now im telling some facts about Medimix Ayurvedic soap. Medimix its not just a soap it contains many healthy herbs which is useful to glow our skin. Its also used to avoid many skin type problems like pimples, acens, and some types of the diseases. Im suffering from pimples so im searching for a better soap which cures my pimples without any damage in my skin. I choose this medimix ayurvedic soap. Its really cures my acens and its contains neem leaves and sandle .Etc. Friends I suggest whom having pimples just use this soap. And Get better result after few days. John chandu - Anantapur

 Medimix badshah, king any royality subject can be add with this soaps name the best ever soap. Hi friends today I am writing a true and unbias review in the same other write.Now, If you are intersted in buying ayurvedic soap then medimix is the best option of that. It is 100% herbal product made with 18 natural herbs. It is really benifitial for acne skin or person suffering from skin disease( minor) like pimple, fairness problem.It really has good fragance, it really smells like we are in an area which is surrounded by natural herbals. Also many people think that since it is an ayurvedic product it cost much but it is available at affordable price. It has no side effects on skin.I am really glad with its quality really top class quality   Mahima Parikh - Mandsaur

 I have been using medimix ayurvedic soap since my chilhood.I had tried many soaps, but among them I like medimix a lot .This is the one of the best soap for treatment of pimples . I had few pimples and black due_ to pimples on my face I was fed_ up of them . I tried this soap on advice from my mother .after using this for few weeks I got result pimples started vanish slowly .I have used it so many times to get good result whenever I used to have skin alergies or small skin disease .after using it every time my used to look like fresh and bright . It smells like herbs Neem is major ingredient. It is made in Indian product . Medimix specifies that is cruelty free contains no animal fat .It contains 18 herbs . It has herbs along with natural oils .It is sutable for each skin this is protection to the body against germs, some skin diseases . It is very helpful to stop rashes, pimples and skin alergies.Face will be smooth .All this about this Medimix ayurvedic soap , do try this if you suffer problem atic skin all natural and free of chemicals without any side effects . I recommending this to people who have skin problems .   Medimix ayurvedic soap is the best soap forever-Mouthshut reviews - Gundluru

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Today I used the Medimix facewash which I got with Medimix soap pack. I feel that my skin and face looked very fresh and clean.I just loved this product. Vikrant Sonwane - New Delhi

Medimix has always been my first and favourite choice amongst other products. The new Medimix Facewash is a wonderful product with a perfect blend of natural ingredients and a mesmerizing fragrance. The fragrance rejuvenates the mind to feel afresh.Great going!! Yadnya Sawant - Delhi

First of all we would like to thank the entire team for giving India one of the best soaps named Medimix. I would like to inform you that we are using this soap for the last ten years and this is an extremely good product Dinesh Khetan - Mumbai

I was suffering from skin allergy and tried several medicines and treatments, but nothing worked out. One day I came across Krishna Tulasi soap, and it is a wonderful soap that worked for my skin allergy Vinay.V - Mysore